Sunday, January 9, 2011

To share

Dear friends,

These are some of the life lessons I've learned so far:

-think before you speak: there is simply nothing worse than spewing out words you'll regret the very moment you realize that you never meant it.
-love, regardless: love is not lost, it is passed on with great intentions
-be humble: to know is one thing - be humble for everything you are
-laugh and dance: do it like no one's watching, and if they are they'll join you - if not, they'll save it for later
-be patient: if we take the time, surely some good will come
-think and then stop thinking: give yourself that edge over everyone, then fall into abyss. We all need a break at one point or another
-trust: sometimes trust comes in the form of a risk, but without it, we've taken ourselves out of life's equation

I admit, I don't always follow my own advice but what I say is true. We don't need a new year to try to be better people, everyday is a chance to change. "Live, Love and Laugh"



Jacdami said...

beautiful! :)

kevin said...

cinders and her box of tinders, run it up and let it burn as if the world was on fire!

Sleepless in Sonora said...

I've read this many times. Still love it.

Make-up Addiction said...

good advice!!! I agree with this list 100%
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xoxox relish :D

Jayleigh Cape said...

Thank you. I needed that today. :)

Frankie said...

Hi Cindy x3;

Cindy said...

Great post!



Fenny Yolanda said...

It was true dear and always be true :) for all of us


jade said...

I agree, so much :)

ljr said...

wish you well cindy

reginag said...

I needed that. Thanks for the encouragement.

grey hair

Helen Jones said...

Great post :)